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Whereas, Gas Fields Abadi (Eternal Field / Project Liquefield Natural Gas - LNG) Masela, is Natural Resources (SDA) gas because it is actually located in the province of Maluku, and must be protected ownership of the rights. welfare of the people of Maluku.

Abadi Gas Field layout Masela (LGA Masela), and the Masela name is in the region of Southwest Maluku district, Maluku Province, which is adjacent to the territory of Australia. Masela used to name the has been discovered (discovery) has an abundance of natural gas energy resource wealth forever. Masela of the islands is 130 Km from LGA Masela.

The province of East Southeast Nusa (NTT) to the west of the island of Timor, the East, within the LGA Masela 350 Km and 380 Km from the city of Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province. Not at all related to the presence of LGA Masela, but bounded on the west by the state of East Timor.

(Eternal Field Gas (Eternal Field); source gatra.com)

Courtesy Inpex Masela, Ltd. - Proceedings, INDONESIAN PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention & Exhibition, October 2003 "The Eternal Gas Field" explain where the LGA Masela (Eternal Field), where Eternal Field is in the Masela PSC (Production Sharing Contract) Timor sea in the east and south of Timor Trough (Deep Timor Trough), the depth of the water (sea) - water depth, the upper area of ​​the continental slope of the exposure to Australia within 350 km of the island of Timor and 350 km in the northern city of Darwin, Australia.

Geologically, the Eternal Field consists of undeformed Relatively Australian continental margin that extends to the waters of Indonesia. This field is located on the east end of Sahul Platform and occupy largely tilted fault blocks bounded on the east and south by Calder-Malita grabens.

Approximately 250 km west Abadi Gas Field Sunrise-Troubadour (proved and probable recoverable reserves: 8.4 tcf; public information on the Northern Territory Government of Australia) occupies the axis of Sunrise-Troubadour High. Evans Shoal gas field (6.6 tcf; public information on the Northern Territory Government of Australia) is located approximately 150 km southwest of Eternal Sunrise-Troubadour between High and Malita Graben. The development of the Northern Bonaparte Basin is influenced by the continental rifting and separation of the west. Jurassic - early Cretaceous along the margin of northwest Australia and Sunda plates of Miocene - Present (Whittam et al 1996).

Map  Tectonic elements  of Northern Bonaparte Basin. Abadi  field  is located in the Northern Bonaparte Basin, in Sahul Platform east end of Sunrise-Troubadour High. It is bounded by the eastern fence Masela Deep, which is an extension north of Calder Graben fence. The Malita Graben located to the southwest and consists of thick sediments of the Cretaceous-Tertiary (Courtesy Inpex Masela, Ltd. - Proceedings, INDONESIAN PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention & Exhibition, October 2003 "The Abadi Gas Field")

Abadi field is located in Northern Bonaparte Basin, in Sahul Platform east end of the Sunrise-Troubadour High. It is limited by Masela Deep eastern fence, the fence is an extension north of Calder Graben. The Malita Graben is located on the southwest and consists of a thick Cretaceous-Tertiary sediments.

Map location of Abadi Gas Field. Contour lines indicate  water depth  (m). Abadi gas field in the Masela PSC is located in the eastern part of the Timor Sea, eastern Indonesia, along the international border of Indonesia and Australia. Deep Timor Trough  with  a water depth of  over 1,500 m in between the  outer ridge of the Banda Arc  and Masela. Masela are in the area of  the upper slope  of the continental shelf of Australia with  a water depth of  300 m to 1,000 m.

Top reasons summary explanation of the layout of the above, the LGA Masela their lies in the Arafura Sea - marine waters of Maluku province, rather than in the Timor Sea , as submitted by the Minister in his speech in front of participants of the HMI (Islamic Student Association) Congress XXX in the auditorium of the University of Pattimura, Ambon, on Wednesday (14/2).

Masela gas reserves, amounted to 10.73 trillion cubic feet (Trillion Cubic Feet - TCF). Backup studied Lemigas a gas block with the potential for liquefied natural gas in the world, can even beat the state of natural gas resources of Qatar and is expected to be produced for more than 70 years into the future. With a reserve of it, is expected to produce up to 7.5 million tonnes of LNG per annum (mtpa) - 6,000,000 metric tons per year, and produce a condensate of about 8,400 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day (posi).

LGA Masela Masela or Abadi Field, is the largest natural gas-mining potential, and is one of 25 Block Oil and Gas is currently owned or contained in Maluku province. 15 Blocks which are managed by the Contractor Contract (PSC / K3S).

Since 2015 when the chaotic LGA Masela, when a tug of war in the internal policy of the Indonesian government and the contractor (Inpex Corporation - Japan, and Royal Dutch-Shell) to the LGA Masela development pattern. Maluku people are forced to engage directly and jointly fight Maluku government development options using pattern Onshore (Pipeline - Build Refinery in the Army) and not offshore (Floating). Until Wednesday (23/03/2016), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) decided Masela exploration sites will be done on land (onshore) (Liputan6.com, Jakarta). President Joko Widodo said that the decision to administer Masela gas block is onshore or on the ground based on the spirit to benefit the local community. Jokowi said the decision was taken based on the will of the people of Maluku. Jokowi said when delivering a speech in the inauguration of the Bridge Red and White in Ambon, Maluku, on Monday (04/04/2016).

Hope Moluccas (local), unstoppable regulation of the Central Government (Pempus), through the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 35 2004 About Upstream Oil and Gas (PP 35/2004), Article 3 Paragraph 2. the area to be positioned hear, receive, follow what the Center said, decentralization and deconcentration of authority that the filtered fine, rubbish ". "The explanation of Article 95 Paragraph 2 of Regulation 35/2004). LGs are positioned only a "informant" territory.

Being against the plan of the Central Government of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, as delivered by Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignatius Jonan as a speaker in front of the participants of Congress HMI XXX at Pattimura University Auditorium, Ambon city, Wednesday (14/2/2018), stating that PI 10 percent Masela Block is managed by Maluku Province and East Southeast Nusa Province.

That all of us have a coalition within the Moluccan Indigenous People who have been struggling for the past and long struggle to gain participating interest (PI) or ownership in the form of local equity participation by 10 percent (Article 34, Government Regulation No. 35 of 2004 ) to the Masela Block Gas Field.

Participation rights (PI) are the full right of our People - the People of Maluku in full, through the Provincial Government of Maluku Province, which can not simply be released or shared ownership with other (Provincial), especially without the consent of the community of land rights Indigenous People of Maluku - Alifuru tribe, and do not agree to be negotiated or arranged and decided unilaterally between the Central Government and the local government of Maluku.

For that reason, we hereby expressly state that,


The most important reason is that the Maluku Provincial People who are still at the level IV of the poorest province in Indonesia still require huge funds for the development budget of the Maluku people welfare.

Maluku should no longer be "poor" from the ownership of the Natural Resources property of its territory, by the existence of adverse and unfair policies for the people of Maluku.

For that we give this PETISI to the parties to be known and understood.

To all components of the Moluccan Community, wherever you are, please respectfully participate in signing and disseminating this petition.

PETITION For that we submit to the parties to be known and understood.

All components of Maluku community, wherever they are kindly ask to participate and to sign this petition and spread disseminated.

PETITION created and signed together
Coalition of Indigenous Peoples of Maluku - Ethnic Alifuru


Abraham Henry Tulalessy, Abdullah Pattiiha, Abe Manuputty, Abubakar Pattimura, Aleka Manuputty, Amani Manuputty, Andy Moniharapon, Andaria Nahumury, Angelique Moniharapon - Manuputty, Anak Leparissa, A.Pentury, Charlain Moniharapon, Christofol Unwakoly, Chris Muskita, Daniel Baaijens, Daniel Nahumury, Daniel Alexander Visser, David Ruben, Dommy Gustaf Ritawaemahu, Edwin Manuputty, Elias Kakisina, Eli Kapressy, Enselina Manuputty, Eric Seleky, Evano Sakbal, Evie Siaila, Fadlin Tehuayo, Fauzy Yamlean, Florian Tanasale, Francis Janssen - MM, Gatot P. Hallauw, Giovani de Kock, Gibrael Mustamu, Gaspar Akihary, Gillian Manuputty Djirlauw, George William Souhuwat, Gerenimo Matulessy, Glenda Pattipeilohy, Ida Kakisina, Idris Santi, Isaac Lumulisanaij, Jacky Corneille-Saptenno, Jair Matakena, J.J.Rumahlaiselan, James Noya, Jerry Satumalaij, Jimmy Roberto Saija, Joenoes Polnaija, Joiy Tatipata, Johan Teterissa, Josias Roberth Pattikawa, Kathleen Soplanit, Kim Leiwakabessy, Levi Polnaija, Margery Kainama, Marsha Stoker, Maxi Sasabone, Max Laritmas, Miguell Kaidel, Muhammad Yusuf Rukua, Mohammad Borut, Muhammad Thaha Pattiiha, Musa Haumahu, Naftali Manuhutu, Victor Metiary, Petra Latupeirissa, Raoul Matulessij, Ramon Ahuluheluw, Raoul Matulessij, Rick Salakory, Robert Maruanaija, Sadao Poort (Papilaja - Wattimena), Shanila Ramphal, Temuera Pasanea, Thara,Tuale Sopacua, Tara Zoe Hetharia, Omar Bernadus, Wemale Manuputty, Zenny Leatemia, Zeth Rumahtita.

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